Goats are a vital part of land and wildfire management at Somerset Rancheria. These hardy animals have been tested and proven in the rugged Sierra Nevada landscape, thriving on the diverse vegetation available throughout the year. In particular, the goats enjoy the acorn that falls from oak trees in the fall and winter months, helping to keep the land healthy and well-maintained.

The presence of goats at Somerset Rancheria has numerous benefits. Their ability to consume large amounts of vegetation helps to reduce the risk of wildfires, as overgrown and dry vegetation can quickly become fuel for a raging fire. By keeping the land clear, the goats help to prevent the spread of wildfires and minimize their impact.

In addition to their role in wildfire management, the goats also play an important role in land management. Their grazing habits help to control the growth of invasive species, promote the growth of native plants, and maintain the overall health of the land. This is especially important in areas where access for human-led land management is limited.

 Our pasture raised goats create a delicious meat that you can use to prepare your favorite traditional dishes such as:

Curry dishes

Meat pies

Rice dishes


Soups and stews

Kids - $150 

Bucks - $175

Does - $200