The Miwok people, who are indigenous to California, were known for their close relationship with nature and their deep connection to the land.  Somerset Rancheria sits on land that was first settled by the Plain and Sierra Miwok people and it was once home to one of the largest known Miwok villages and settlement sites in Somerset. This area is rich with history, including dozens of bedrock mortars and community trails that connect visitors to the Miwok culture and way of life.

Visitors to Somerset Rancheria have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Miwok culture through camping tours of the rediscovered village site and exploration of the surrounding areas, including the seasonal creek, which can be accessed by machete. The village site is also home to the largest known collection of undisturbed grinding stones (Chaw'se) in Somerset. These bedrock mortars, which were used by the Miwok people to grind acorns and seeds into meal, serve as a reminder of the generational connection the Miwok people have to the land and their deep roots in this area.

Through preserving this indigenous site and recognizing the connection it has to the Miwok people, Somerset Rancheria honors the legacy of the first stewards of this land and offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the rich history and culture of the Miwok people.

Learn more about the Miwok people and the grinding stones they used and created.  

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